Creazioni gioielli

Two young friends, who meet as children among the alleys of their city and then attend workshops of the artisans in Torre del Greco.

They begin following the goldsmith tradition in Campania and at the same time they experiment with new patterns showing a more innovative side of this art.

In 1992 they decide to found Ottocentodue.
Thanks to the great commitment and passion of Antonio and Michele, Ottocentodue consolidates its experience in the processing of coral and all precious materials by offering original models that in few years have established themselves on the world market scene.

All the creations are made with attention to details and great accuracy in execution.

hand of the craftsman working on jewelry
Antonio and Michele the artisans of Ottocentodue
The Craftmen

Antonio e Michele

The activity of the two partners is always characterized by dinamism in the jewellery scene. They are focused on creating new marketplaces for their work or busy with the search for new raw materials to be forged, striving to combine the classic timeless style with models on trend.

Ottocentodue has been participating for years in the most important trade fairs on the international scene
(VicenzaOro; Hong Jewellery and Gem Fair; Hong Kong International -jewellery show; JCK Las Vegas).

Our materials

The coral

Our coral comes directly from the seabed off the coast of Sardinia and the Mediterranean Sea.
We use two techniques to work coral:

The first is “liscio” : the material is removed by abrasive wheels. Once cut it is then polished by tumbling.

The second is the engraving technique, here precision tools are used such as cutters and burins because the coral so worked is destined to the realization of cameos, sculptures and other artistic works.

raw coral in the hands

The pearls

Pearls are unique, even if cultivated.
Each one has its own features, size, shape, luster and colour and none of them are identical.

The art of combining pearls into a necklace, a pair of earrings or another jewel requires great skill and the experience of a trained eye. After the choice, we move on to the drilling of the pearls, an extremely delicate phase that must be performed with great precision, an inexperienced operator could break it or ruin it, compromising the balance of the jewel to be made.

Beyond the technicalities, pearls, according to a Danish writer,   are the result of mystery and adventure: those who follow the career of a pearl collect so much material to imagine a hundred of tales.

pearls on black plane